jasmine storey

email address: jasminestephstorey@gmail.com

instagram: @capturetheriff

website: www.jasminestephstorey.wixsite.com/website

In this complex world, there are so many places and topics to carefully explore and uncover the same naturally goes for Photography. Coming from a background of Fine Art Photography, my inquisitive journey has resulted in covering subject matter ranging from correlation and intimate experiences between self-- Perception and Mental Health, the political divide of Brexit, societal's outlook of tattooed women and the unethical act of animal testing for cosmetic purposes. Recently faced with personal desires to break away from the studio to delve into the scene itself, to capture events as they happen where subjects are raw and free with movement. Leading into my present exploration, Documentary/Concert Photography. Specifically, Metal concerts where sweat, mosh-pits, head-banging and crowd surfing takes reign. 

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